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also referred to as Colon Hydrotherapy, Colonic Therapy and Colonic Irrigation

The colon is the sewage system of the body. Its purpose is to collect all fermented and putrefied toxic waste from every part of the anatomy and, by the peristaltic wave of its muscles, remove all solid and semi-solid waste from the body.

There are several habits that slow down bowel transit time:

  • Eating high-fat, low-fiber food that are over processed, over cooked and devitalized.
  • Not drinking enough good water.
  • Consuming caffeine in coffee, tea, chocolate, and colas, which dehydrates the bowel and disrupts proper digestion.
  • Bearing mental and emotional stress, which inhibit proper digestion, assimilation, and elimination.

Fortunately, these problems can be remedied without dependency on habit-forming laxatives, which only act as irritants to stimulate the muscular walls of the colon, abnormally contracting to expel the irritant. Laxatives also create dehydration in the body, so layers of old, dried feces remain in the colon, and only the more recent feces are pushed through the center and evacuated. This leads to degeneration in the tissues, muscles, and nerves of the colon.

With colon hydrotherapy, often referred to by such names as colonic or colonic irrigation, the process of gently cleansing and regenerating the colon can begin.

Colon hydrotherapy was first recorded in 1500 B.C. Hippocrates in the 4th and 5th century B.C. used enemas for fever therapy, and members of the Lewis & Clark Expedition were instructed by a physician as to the appropriateness of the use of enemas in the case of fever and illness. Historically we recognize there is something of value to colon therapy, or this practice would have long ago been abandoned.

At this point you may well ask, "Well, doesn't an enema flush out the colon? What's the difference?" The answer to the first question is "Yes," an enema will flush out to a degree but only the first 5 to 10 inches of the lower bowel. A colonic, however, comfortably flushes the entire length of the bowel and eliminates the inconvenience of rushing to the toilet for each release of material.

The Ventura Center for Healing provides safe, effective, and disposable instrumentation for this healthful therapy. During the process, the gravity-fed, filtered water gently flows in and out of the colon. The treatment is designed to cleanse the entire length of the colon, approximately 5 feet.

Since the equipment is a closed unit, no odor is present. The outflow of water removes excess gas, mucus, feces, and toxic material directly to the sewer line. During the emptying cycle, the hygienist may gently massage the abdomen to loosen and work the gas and feces from the colon and to stimulate peristalsis.

Using varying degrees of warmer and cooler water, the hygienist creates the process of relaxing, contracting and toning the muscular walls of the colon. When it is cleaner and healthier, elimination is easier, and over-all health is enhanced. These treatments are relaxing and soothing. The individual is always completely covered thus maintaining dignity.

Some individuals are concerned that colon hydrotherapy washes out the friendly bacteria. The fact is colonics evacuate harmful bacteria and help to balance the intestinal flora. Also, implants of friendly bacteria can be added to the colon.

The colon is a wonderful organ. When properly cleansed, everything about one's life seems more positive.

We recommend 3 or 4 colonics close together (about 2-3 days apart) when beginning your series. Some people with specific problems may wish to do a few more. Then once per month for maintenance

To make an appointment for a colonic please call our office at (818) 343-3571
A colonic session is $75.00 and lasts 35-45 minutes.
Seniors and full time students only $70.

......more information about colon cleansing at The Constipation Resource Center

.....more information on proper bowel evacuation in full page printout format. How the modern toilet seat contributes to a sagging bowel and prevents complete evacuation. this before your next colonoscopy!



Disclaimer: The preceding is to provide information about Colon Hydrotherapy and the benefits that may be derived. It is not intended to claim a cure for any disease or condition. It should not take the place of medical advice or treatment.


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