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InfraRed Body Wrap

What is Infrared Body Wrap? Infrared Body Wrap is targeted infrared heat therapy.

It is highly effective as a source of healing that improves the circular, cardiovascular and immune systems. It is more effective than other traditional heat treatments since the infrared heat penetrates twice as deep getting at toxins and cellulite trapped in pockets beneath the skin.

The Formostar InfraRed Body Wrap System uses 6 silicone wrap pads to target specific areas of the body. These pads generate infrared energy that penetrate deep into the body where it is converted into heat. The heating of the deep-muscle tissues and organs is identical to the infrared energy produced by our own bodies during exercise and produces the same metabolic response. Fat and toxins are released into the blood stream, sweat and urine for elimination. This effect provides inch loss that is not just water loss, to the contrary, it is a fat loss and toxin elimination.


Caloric Burning Equivalents per
60-minute Session


approx. calories burned

Formostar InfraRed Body Wrap 1200+
Swimming 600
Jogging 600
Tennis 530
Cycling ( 10 mph ) 450
Walking ( 3.5 mph ) 300
Racquetball 1020
Marathon Running 1186


Formostar InfraRed Body Wrap for Detox, Acne and Skin Rejuvenation

Heat therapy is used effectively on acute and chronic inflammatory illnesses. Degenerative diseases react well to heat because of the relaxation of the muscles and the analgesic effect of the heat.

By using infrared heat to heat up the skin and the fatty tissue beneath the skin, blood circulation is increased up to 3.5 times resulting in increased elimination of fats and toxins trapped beneath the surface of the skin.

Infrared energy penetrates uniformly into the body emitting a full bio-spectrum that gets into the deep layers of the skin. This process stimulates molecular activity to promote the metabolism of skin cells. A good metabolic rate enables the skin tissues to produce new cells and replace old skin and dead skin cells.

Infrared energy effectively breaks down water molecules that accumulate and store unwanted toxins and debris in our body that block circulation and major cellular functions. Exposure to infrared waves steadily circulate the blood, removing blockages in the blood vessels and allowing for proper oxygen distribution to all parts of the body. This action has had success in treating skin disorders such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

The use of Formostar's full body infrared heat increases the blood circulation to the entire system which is essential for beautiful, youthful, and glowing skin. A new GLOW is achieved as the skin is freed of accumulated dirt, toxins and dry skin cell due to a deep cleansing of unwanted impurities.

No Embarrassment

No embarrassing moments with the Formostar InfraRed Body Wrap. The session is accomplished by wrapping the infrared silicone pads over a set of comfortable workout clothes or hospital type scrubs.


Full Body InfraRed Heat and Pain Relief

Infrared rays penetrate 1.5 inches deep into muscular tissues and reach the ligaments and joints where pain resides. Formostar's infrared waves steadily circulate the blood, removing blockages in the blood vessels and delivering to all parts of the body. Improved blood circulation produced by a full body infrared treatment can alleviate pain and revitalize the tissues.

Full body infrared treatments provide pain management benefits and enhanced healing. This is the reason that Infrared Heat is used for sports injuries, back pain, arthritis and much more.


Formostar InfraRed Body Wrap

A highly effective inch loss, weight control, detoxification and pain management system that is fast, easy and enjoyable.

The targeted full body infrared heat penetrates twice as deep as other conventional heat methods to get fats, toxins and cellulite trapped in pockets beneath the surface of the skin. The secret of the Formostar system is the way in which the infrared heat therapy activates the functions of natural enzymes and metabolism within the tissues. You can burn 900 to 1200 calories or more in each 50 minute session.

Additional benefits of the Full Body InfraRed Body Wrap System:

  • Tighten and rejuvenate skin
  • Detoxify the body
  • Body shaping
  • Cellulite reduction Relieves chronic pain
  • Menstrual cramp relief
  • Post pregnancy recovery

To make an appointment for a Formostar InfraRed Heat Therapy session please call our office at (818) 343-3571. A session is $75.00 and lasts 60 minutes. Plan on a total time of 75 minutes. Bring a large towel, water and a pair of cotton scrubs, work out clothes or PJ's.


Disclaimer: The preceding is to provide information about Infrared Heat Therapy and the benefits that may be derived. It is not intended to claim a cure for any disease or condition. It should not take the place of medical advice or treatment.


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