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Wilson's Thyroid Syndrome
Do you know why you feel bad all the time? You can buy the book and the natural thyroid at our office. In the meantime visit Dr. Wilson's site for more information.


Please visit The Colon Therapists Network
International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy
for a colon therapist in your area.

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We carry an extensive line of vitamins and herbs at competitive prices. Please call us at (818) 343-3571 for inquiries regarding the products we carry. We now have a partial list of items that can be ordered by filling in the online form, printing and faxing to us. Until we have a secure online shopping cart, please be patient, we are trying hard to improve your ordering experience.
Please also visit these sites for products we sell online:
  • NatureRich order here (formerly Masters Miracle)
  • Gano Excel - Health beverages, supplements, skin care & personal care products. Buy Gano Cafe, the world's first "healthy coffee" online. They also carry other fine healthy beverages and supplements.

Partial list of products we currently stock at the Ventura Center

Kantita & Foon Goos #2
Candida Cleanse
  Kantita 12.00
  Foon Goos #2 12.00
  Olive Leaf 15.00
  Oregano Oil 25.00
  Taurin-Dophilus 9.00


Female Balance
Female Problems / unusual Pap results/ Fibroids / Cysts / Urinary Tract
  Female Balance 9.00
  Female Tea 6.00
  PAP 12.00
  Chaste Berry 14.00
  Cranberry 13.00
  Okra Vites 11.00

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Hormone Balance
Hormone Balance
  Women's' Gold 10.00
  Olive Leaf 15.00
  Rosemary Plus 11.00
  Black Cohosh 17.00
  Cyst Ease 13.00


Artery Cleanse
Artery Cleanse
  Circuflo -30 day cleanse 32.00
  Aloe Vera Gel 13.00
  Booklet of Testimonials free

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Parasite Cleanse
Parasite Cleanse
  Parasite Book 8.00
  5 Bottle package Kroeger Parasite Cleanse * 50.00

* Wormwood, Rascal, Black Walnut tincture, Cloves and Garlic
   Directions that go with the Parasite Cleanse


Men's Health
Men's Health
  Men's Special 11.00
  Saw Palmetto Tincture 13.00

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Multivitamins by Super Nutrition
  Perfect Blend 240 caps 56.00
  Women's Blend 90 caps 27.00
  Perfect Kids 100 caps 14.00


Blood Sugar Balance
Blood Sugar Balance
  Glucobetic 24.00
  Pancreas Tonic 42.00
  Chromium GTF 5.00
  Chromate 27.00
  Glucofactors 20.00

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Greens Products
  Greens Plus 360 caps 38.00
  Greenergy 180 caps 47.00


Liver Gallbladder Cleanse
Liver / Gall Bladder Cleanse
  Liver Rinse 17.00
  Milk Thistle 20.00
  Liver/gallbladder Remedy (Tincture) 16.00

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Colon Cleanse
Colon Health Cleanse
  Colonic Rinse Capsules 22.00
  Aloe 225 capsules 17.00
  Aloe 450 tablets 15.00


Colon Health Products
  Oxy-Cleanse 22.00
  Colon Max 60 veggie capsules 20.00
  Acidophilus 250 capsules 13.00
  Meta Fiber Powder 24.00
  Herbulk Powder 18.00
  FiberMax (Flax Fiber) 26.00
  Psyllium Husk capsules 8.00

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Natural Thyroid Products
  Thyroid Tissue 90 tablets 26.00
  Liquid Iodine Tincture 13.00
  Thyroicare (recommended by Dr. Wilson) 75 veggie capsules 26.00


Unique Vitality ProductsUnique Vitality Products
want to know more about these products?
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Unique Vitality Products Detoxification System
Unique Vitality Product Description



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